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Maybe I’m a little travel weary. I’m not sure why. I spent two months without much traveling in Quepos. Now I’ve just spent a whole lot of time doing a whole lot of nothing in Samara. It took me eleven hours to get from Montezuma to Samara. That’s because I had to take the public bus instead of Interbus (gringo bus). The public bus is a whole lot cheaper but Interbus is a whole lot faster because it takes a direct route and doesn’t stop at corner stores and random benches in the middle of nowhere. In general Nicoya is a tough place to get around but it’s even tougher if you’re not traveling with anyone. Interbus won’t give you a ride unless there’s another you with you.
Samara Beach

Samara Beach

I splurged on a $35/nite hotel across the street from the beach in Samara. The place was called Casa Del Mar. I loved it. Breakfast included, free crappy internet, a view of the beach (beyond some restaurants and trees), old creaky wood floors, a parrot, beer for 800 Colones, flirty girls at the front desk. All good. One nice thing, among many, that I noticed about Samara was that the drug pushers were conspicuously absent. No one asked if I wanted to buy drugs the entire eight days I was there. Quite a change from Montezuma and even Quepos.
Samara Boards

Samara Boards

Samara has a good beach for learning to surf. There are surf lesson operators all up and down the beach. I took a lesson with C & C Surf School a couple of days after I arrived, no sense rushing into things, because they donate 10% of the $30 cost of the lesson to ... something good. Coco, a rastafarian looking dude was my surfing instructor. He told me all I needed to know. After practicing on the beach for twenty minutes or so we went out into the ocean where most surfing is actually done. I caught the first three waves. I was pretty good as long as Coco was in the area telling me what I was doing wrong. My surf tips ... make sure you are balanced on the board before you try to catch a wave, curl your toes under so they are on the board, keep your head up ... don’t look at the board, grow up in Hawaii or Southern California. I surfed a couple of more times during the week with mixed results. Some spectacular wipe outs though.
Samara activities

Samara activities

The rest of my time in Samara was spent wandering around during the day or hanging out at beach bars at night drinking Cabernet. There’s not a lot of people in Samara right now. Apparently it’s the low season. I had trouble finding a place that had more than five or six people in it. Oh ... and get this ... I applied for some jobs. That’s right. I actually sent some resumes to people who work at schools that teach English. What do you think of that? I figured I better start looking for a job or else I’d have to rename the blog. I got a couple of bites. Unfortunately I have to leave the country because my ninety day tourist visa expires on April 20th. I’m heading off to Bocas Del Toro, Panama tomorrow. I don’t have a return ticket to Costa Rica at this point. I’m sure everything will work out. It sometimes does.
Tranquilo Backpacker, San Jose

Tranquilo Backpacker, San Jose

Right now I am sitting in Tranquilo Backpacker’s hostel in San Jose. I arrived here after a five hour bus ride from Samara. I decided to check out the neighborhood and stumbled upon a small zoo. Who stumbles upon a zoo? I really like the hostel. They play groovy music I’ve never heard before ... but like. My flight for Bocas leaves tomorrow from Pavas airport at 1:00. Once again I have weigh too much wayt as far as my luggage is concerned. Not much I can do about it. Looking forward to another airport negotiation. One of my TEFL classmates is down in Bocas ... I sent her down a few weeks ago to scout the place for me ... so I’ll probably be briefed shortly after arrival. Hard to believe I’ve been in Costa Rica for three months already. I haven’t seen San Francisco in four months. The Giants are playing again, the Sharks are in the playoffs again and here I am without my 46” Samsung LCD hi-def TV. Maybe it’s better this way. I don’t have to watch Manny Ramirez beat the Giants in the eighth and I don’t have to watch Joe Thornton phone in another playoff performance.

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